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(excerpt) What a Pain in my...
Are you a bit too sedentary? Perhaps you enjoy sitting a watching TV too much...Do you sit in a chair with poor back support and poor posture all day long? Do you mean to exercise regularly but haven't quite found the time...
Our bodies are finely tuned instruments and yet they are incredibly resilient. Human bodies can withstand a good deal of abuse before warning signals are sent forth. Pain is a clear indication of trouble and should not be ignored.

(excerpt) Knowledge-Based Charting: Changing the context of delivering care
Since the early 1970's information technologies have demonstrated how automation can positively impact the deliver of care. With each new medical advance, nurses are called upon to respond quickly and correctly with less time to process data, which in turn impacts decision-making.
And yet, standards for the delivery of health care continue to grow more complex. Accountability for clinical documentation falls primarily upon the shoulders of the nursing staff. This is often perceived as another burden that has not helped the current nursing shortage.

(excerpt)Uncertainty--Building Creative Behavior
Creativity is found where the search for a new and better ordering of life exists. That ordering, or more accurately, reordering, may be internal, it may be physical, or it may be aesthetic. For example, if a woman seeks to alter her emotional responses, she may have to change how she treats and uses her body. Perhaps she must stop talking about her desire to do something and instead sit down and produce a product with her hands......

Recently, I read about Barbara McClintock, a scientist who studied cell development and cell growth patterns. The strength of her vision and her ability to pursue her work were reflected in her willingness to chart a course of research that was unconventional. She openly dedicated herself to seeking out the essence of living organisms that occurred in cell anomalies. These cells did not fit into the norm. Their growth patterns were illogical, unclear. She loved these cells, whose growth defied the conventional developmental patterns. Their unusual developmental manner challenged her on new levels. They taught her how to see with her eyes, her heart and her head.

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