Linda A. Firestone, Ph.D.

Dancing with Gods: a collection of short stories

(excerpt) The Light Bearer
How long she would last was of no consequence; she was not afraid. Her life had been rewarding. A sense of calm swept over her. Now at the end, she knew her path had been perfect. Long ago, unable to find any comfort she had craved death. But that was long ago. Long before she came to know what it meant to be a light-bearer. In these last fading hours of being, she basked comfortably in the warmth of the sun and her garden; she was grateful.

She untangled the scarf from her head and threw it to the floor. Her body was tired and achy and her head felt heavy. "Maria, you're such a fool."
Was it possible that she had been sleep walking for the last sixteen years? Though still young, this past month had aged her. She felt worn. Yet, she was grateful. It was a necessary change, a life altering change. "After all, it is 1910 and the world is changing fast. Women are demanding their rights. And rightly so!" she huffed. Absent mindedly she removed leaflets from the torn pocket of her coat. She had been busy handing these out shen she was told of the girls taken to court. She was sent to follow the proceedings.

She could hear the rattle of the keys as the door was unlocked. Straining, she struggled to see where she was and who was entering this room. The drumming noise in her head was deafening--compounded by the pounding of her heart; she knew her chest was going to explode. Instantly, a new awareness shifted her focus. Her body was violently shaking. The feeling was overwhelming and out of her control. Her body revolted. Gasping for air she didn't understand she was going to vomit.

"Sit up honey!" a gruff female voice ordered. "I don't want to have to clean this mess up again. And, I'm not going to repeat myself, do you understand me?" The threat was not lost on Maria. Through the chaos of her body's movements, Maria responded to the threat though she could not grasp the totality of the situation. She had no frame of reference, yet.

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